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About Us

About Us

Holistic Prime Care is a medical office where primary care is integrated with complimentary services. Patients choose us because we combine medical science with traditional healing practices.

Medical services include screening, diagnosis, and treatment, focusing on early detection and prevention. We order tests, prescribe medications, and give referrals to specialists.

In addition to standard medical treatments, we offer science and evidence-based complementary applications such as mindfulness, plant medicine, acupressure, and meditation. These services are included in regular visits and offered as independent modalities.

We believe in the complexity and uniqueness of each person and offer an individualized approach for the best outcomes.

My mission

My mission is to deliver high-quality personalized care with a holistic approach. I will guide you on your journey from disease to optimal health, integrating effective medical treatments with science-based complementary modalities. I treat not only your symptoms but YOU as a whole wonderful being!

My journey in medicine started more than 15 years ago when I entered nursing. After receiving my RN license from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, I have worked with pediatric and adult populations in various settings, including hospitals, homes, private offices, and communities. While working, I advanced my degree from Associate to Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate levels. Getting my Nurse Practitioner license opened new possibilities for me by allowing me to treat patients with my complete knowledge and skills. While working under the supervision of many excellent doctors, I learned how to make the right medical decisions and provide exceptional care tailored to the needs of my patients.

Meanwhile, my passion for the holistic approach led me to apply various non-traditional modalities in my practice, including mindfulness, yoga, acupressure, meditation, and plant medicine. Traditional medical offices limited my possibilities with strict rules and guidelines. I wanted to spend enough time with the patients to understand the complex nature of their health problems. Additionally, I tried to employ various modalities to their care, not only to prescribe medications. As a result, I opened my practice, where I combine medical knowledge and complementary wellness practices to get the optimal health outcomes.


Many standard modern treatments like physical and occupational therapies were viewed as “alternatives” in the past. They were frowned upon and thought of as pseudoscience. They eventually became mainstream with scientific proof of their effectiveness and patients’ acceptance. Today, a referral to PT is the first suggestion any doctor will make for back pain, for example. My view of mindfulness, meditation, and visualization is that they will go through the same road, from denial of their effectiveness to total acceptance and utilization in traditional medical practice. For instance, some hospitals already use sound therapy and meditation for their patients.

Because health education is one of my main aims, I have a series of YouTube videos and regularly post medical news and advice on social media. The information I use is scientifically based and directed at promoting well-being and health in our community. I cover questions that I hear in my office and receive through emails. Each person is unique, and I recommend being attuned to your body to choose the best treatment. Listening to your body is just as crucial as following medical advice.

People have the inner ability to be healthy and happy, and I provide the healthcare services to achieve it.

Holistic Prime Care Offers

Sick Visits

Flu and colds
Sore throat
Ear pain
Skin rashes
Belly aches

Chronic Care


Physical Evaluations

Sports Physical
DOT Exam for CDL license
Annual Exam

Medical Weight Management

Nutrition counseling
Behavioral Modifications

Alternative Medicine

Plant Medicine