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  1. Count in your mind. Do the calculations in your mind without using a calculator or paper. Start with simple single digit numbers and gradually complicate the tasks.
  2. Visualize. Imagine in your mind the written words, details of the paintings of great artists, or details of your room or office.
  3. Play with words. Remember the words on certain letters. Make chains of words, each of which begins with the last letter of the previous word (example: apple - evening - garden ...).
  4. Draw a map in your head. Returning from a new place, imagine the way back there in your mind.
  5. Determine the taste. Use your taste to guess ingredients of the cooked dish.
  6. Train hand-eye coordination. Start a new hobby, such as knitting, sewing, embroidery, drawing, or doing puzzles.
  7. Try something new every day. Comb your hair or brush your teeth with your other hand. Go home on a different road. Have lunch at a new restaurant. Take a walk in a new park. Learn a new song. Start dancing.
  8. Keep your weight and blood sugar normal.
  9. Be active!